Stikmanz and Kimmerly at ConDFW, February 18-20

Rushing toward us is ConDFW X, February 18-20, at the Crowne Plaza Suites Dallas-Park Central. Only today did I realize that I’ve been dawdling through preparations, especially since this time around I’m scheduled to appear on SEVEN panels. This would seriously impact operations at the Stikmanz table in the dealers room, except that this year I’ll share table staffing duties with dear friend and collaborator, Amanda Kimmerly. Besides fast becoming the world’s second authority on my invented language, Dvarsh, on The Hidden Lands of Nod, and on future geardown fantasy as a genre, Amanda is a brilliantly accomplished poet in her own right. Come out to see us; come out to play. If you have not yet picked up copies of the new, revised editions of Prelude to a Change of Mind and Entranscing, this will be a fine opportunity to do so.

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