I am a long way from high school Latin and, to tell the truth, I was a mediocre student of the language way back then. Possibly because I did not attempt to drive down teen hormones by packing in so much dead grammar and vocabulary, I have retained a little of what I learned. Reperiolinguistics. As a label for this new field in which I find myself wading, it might do: the study of invented language. I put this out there as a consequence and corollary of that other field in which I accidentally found myself active, that of inventing a language.

First there was Dvarsh, which I basically constructed to give meaning to a system of writing I devised as a visual artist trying to create beauty. There followed this area of study, this contemplation of Dvarsh and similar artifacts, like Elvish tongues, and Na’vi, and Klingon. Reperiolinguistics. Unfamiliar though it may be, it still rolls out of the mouth like an authentic word. Is there an institution willing to dignify the term with a Doctor Honoris Causa, or would I have to halt all the other processes until I scribbled a dissertation?

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