Ready on this end

Paypal, that vigilant guardian of small business interests, has written to ask if my account remains active. So much time has elapsed since a purchase was made from this site that they have come to suspect the retail operation of this enterprise has gone dormant. Nothing is farther from the truth! Inventory and shipping materials are on hand, and I am poised to ship on a day’s notice. The stumble that has led to Paypal’s concern is a fall to zero in order placement. What can be done to ease Paypal’s fretting? The most direct action is the best action. Buy something. Please. Click on one of the “Buy Now” buttons in the sidebar, and pass a few greenbacks through to the Confabule account.

An item taking up more space than defensible in the warehouse here at Intergalactic HQ is the audio CD of Gary Warner Kent reading my short story, “Death on the Toilet.” You can double your sense of accomplishment by ordering a copy of the CD. This will relieve Paypal’s concern, and clear a bit of room for the print run of Lightning Water, by M. S. Lewis, that will be hitting the Stikmantic catalog in a few months. Act before September 1, 2014, and I’ll throw in a Dvarsh temporary tatoo with every CD shipped.

News soon on Rose Moon! Check back (and buy something then, too!)