Paperback launched, ebook delayed & return to the workbook

Dvarsh Workbook originated in a set of drills for my own use. Click on the image for a sharper picture.

Two nights ago I was marching through the process of preparing an ebook of Prelude to a Change of Mind, the Author’s Edition when I hit a wall. There is no more forward I can go on that project at this time. It has to wait while mind and spirit absorb what the past two years hath wrought, and what threads dangle loose from the transit. The paperback of Prelude is officially released as of today, as promised, but rather than advance, it is time to consolidate.

One item that demands attention is Dvarsh Workbook, Beginning Exercises for the Extraordinary Student. As it turns out, the workbook is much more what some chunk of interested public had in mind than the more splendid reference-cum-metafiction, Dvarsh, An Introduction. Again, a work of these hands originally knocked out only for myself appeals to unexpected audiences. Like the language itself and the oracle, I made the workbook because it was useful to me and fun to make, never considering it a stand-alone title. Instead, while realizing that useful to me meant useful to anyone learning Dvarsh, I imagined its independent sales confined to small circles with shared access to the larger reference. Another wrong call, but not fatal.

The conceit of the workbook is that it offers a quick course in “tourist” Dvarsh. With exercises built around the simple verb tenses and a 250 word vocabulary, it provides enough language to observe basic courtesy and give or get food, drink, shelter, recreation and guidance. In short, it boasts everything a couple of friends or a small cabal might want in ordinary use from a private language, including lessons in the script. What it lacks, because of potential unseen, is adequate discussion of pronunciation.

I have not yet uploaded comprehensive text corrections for the workbook. This turns out to be a good thing, as it provides a chance to shift parts enough to insert a page on pronunciation without paying for a second correction upload. That addition and a clutch of fixes will put the title back in line with the unresolved issue of how to get word of its existence to a world in need. Please tell all your friends. And their moms.