Our lives, which art unfolding….

“…give us this day an ironical voice, and deliver us from earnest, intelligent literal-mindedness as we would deliver the literal-minded around us….”

Robert Stikmanz reads from Sleeper Awakes at AggieCon 42, College Station, Texas, 3/26/2011. Photo by Chris Dunbar.

I posted the above as my Facebook status this morning. This afternoon I thought, why not? Why not invoke this sentiment in all seriousness? As prayers go, it’s more thoroughly benign than some, and holds out a beckoning hand to word play. I figure playfully is the safest way to make one’s own preferences known in the great vibration, and playfulness is an attractive component in a transcendent vision. Ergo, etc. etc.

“…honored be thy fames….”

These lines appear between fits of organization, as I get ready to visit James Rossignol’s Science Fiction class at San Antonio College tomorrow. Amanda Kimmerly and I are on tap to give our third presentation of “Inventing a Language,” our workshop on fundamentals of building your own idiom. It’s a subject close at hand these days, as work on a Dvarsh primer and glossary assumes increasing priority. Now that tomorrow’s materiel is in a tidy stack, it’s time to finish diagramming the falling conjugation.

“…on earth as our hearts imagine it….”

Remember, reperiolinguistics is a term I have proposed for the study of invented languages. Please try to work it into at least one conversation each day. Please also plug it into your favorite search engine as often as possible. If you do these things frequently enough, a time will come when Wikipedia will stop deleting the articles on us.


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