“Once a thing has been done, the fool sees it.”

Another bookstore has evaluated Dvarsh, An Introduction and found it unsuitable for their shelves. The winter light of reality creeps above the horizon. Lack of a clothbound cover is not this book’s problem. Expecting an audience for the portrait it paints is testament to the power of imagination.

When it comes right down to it, markets and audience are as opaque and unfathomable as any other social formation I experience. It is as if I am capable of grasping anything, deconstructing anything, engineering, imagining or designing anything, unless it involves other humans. Posterity may pick out a wise course, but I cannot.

What I can do is return to the promise made to myself on the day I embraced the world of habdvarsha: the choice at every turn will be to enjoy myself. Lately, I’ve been fretting a lot. It hasn’t opened a single new avenue or uncovered one new possibility. So I’m broke. The future is dangerous and slippery. I’m worried about money, losing my home and complexifying health. Well, so what? A promise is a promise. If I can’t keep one made to myself then what good is my word?

Fortune demands an immediate contraction of horizons, but nothing gets me out of bed like an unwinnable struggle. There does not seem to be any possible redemption of folly except a hardback edition of Dvarsh, An Introduction. As of now, that is the active plan at HQ. No matter how often I swear I’ll never again work on speculation, nothing substantial materializes to fuel these labors.

If you plan to advance purchase a copy of the hardback but have not yet gotten around to placing an order, now would be a very helpful time to take care of that transaction. Very, very, very helpful. I cannot overstate just how helpful your purchase would be right this minute. Here’s a link to the Market.

In the Tarot, the Fool steps off the cliff with unconcern. Who reaches the bottom, Humpty Dumpty or Buzz Lightyear? Truth is not in the fall but the landing.

Tally ho.