I have no idea, one thing & I know exactly

This toad has frequented this water dish on the Stikmantica HQ patio for the past six years.

A moment postponed over and over is finally at hand. Not today or tomorrow, but over the next few weeks facts will be weighed to determine if Stikmantica, the enterprise, can continue. However successful I may be as an artist creating a body of work, as an entrepreneur promoting and capitalizing the art I am a flat-footed failure. My inventions are little known and Stikmantica is broke. While there is no question that I’ll continue elaborating Habdvarsha through some medium or other, a route forward is unclear and the entire built infrastructure of Stikmantica may fall.

Fingers only point one direction. I have never figured out how to describe the output adequately, much less engagingly, or to what audience. The result is an almost complete absence of sales, and a consequence of no sales is that there is no money to purchase copies of Nod’s Way once it hits release date. By the time the files are ready, fees for uploading and distributing the title will be covered by existing Patreon pledges, but actual copies of the book will not.

This is like running out of gas short of the finish line. I have nothing left to sell or trade, and no fall back resource except Stikmantica titles. Books are not selling, ebooks are not selling, and patrons have not pledged. All of Habdvarsha to date hangs ready to catch fire from a spark. Part of the drive to finish Nod’s Way is ambition to show the scope and worth of everything that already exists. There is not enough worth in the bank to make ambition real. I have no idea how the book I am creating will be printed. It is not just that Stikmantica is out of funds. I, Robert, the author of these lines, am, too.

Angels should note that surprise appearance of a visionary publicist who knows and understands Habdvarsha has always been and remains welcome. Generous terms of engagement await the right vision. A semi-mystical, earth-centered mashup of literary fiction, folktale, anarcho-surrealism, pop culture and conceptual art—can’t you taste what inspired spin could make of that?

Money is also welcome. Please buy a book.  Order print titles from Stikmantica or through your favorite retailer. Ebooks of my two currently in-print works of fiction are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. Please also consider pledging as my patron through Patreon. A dollar each per month from many friends could underwrite Stikmantica into a sustainable future.

In the thick of uncertainty, one thing I do know is that Nod’s Way is the last project so thoroughly reliant on vector graphics that I shall undertake. My eyes are rejecting screens. The physical labor of pulling this book to a close grows uncomfortable and difficult. Coincidentally or not, I hunger to get back to manual drawing. The attraction is magnetic; the activities restful to over-stressed eyes.  Peer into the future to see if you can spot a creaky silverback somewhere out to pasture with ink and colored pencils.

Re. Nod’s Way itself, another thing I know is exactly what needs attention from one moment to the next in the final development of the Dvarsh oracle. Front matter begs another draft, but all the other pieces for the rest of the book have been built. Work sessions repeat a succession of processes, moving a constellation of parts page by page. The competence of working out and implementing design helps hold at bay nasty questions about the wisdom of staking so much on a solution for which no lack has been expressed. I want to claim the volume assembling is beautiful, but I am no one to judge. It is well made and unusual. Anyone may say so with confidence.