Ebooks and Invention

It may not be a major quandary, but it does complicate plans and their effective implementation. Again, I’ve done something off the cuff that has caught more attention than any other recent promotion. Just ahead of announcing new ebook editions of Prelude to a Change of Mind, the Author’s Edition and Rose Moon & Death on the Toilet, I posted the image at the head of this column on one of the social media platforms. An unthinking act from impure motives, I threw it together and posted it because a bunch of links pimping an invented language from a television series were flying around, and Dvarsh is as cool as that construction. The reference for Dvarsh is much, much cooler. So I assembled this image, gave it to the world and started thinking about a deliberately constructed announcement for ebooks.

The invented language promo has drawn notice in the dozens, which may be an order of magnitude over what I usually see even though it’s nowhere near magnitudinous. Should I replace a crazy play that shows some sparkle with another that might get 2 clicks? Not yet. New eyes continue to view the casual act. I continue to ponder what it is that draws them. Social media will survive another day without news of my ebooks.

HOWEVER, the news is here. Ebook versions of Prelude to a Change of Mind, the Author’s Edition and Rose Moon & Death on the Toilet are available starting now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. The price for either title from any of the providers to a customer in the U.S. is $2.99. Price may vary in other countries.

When the announcement hits social media, it will be with this photograph.

Under the heading of bibliographic notes for the curious, when I went to create the ebook for Rose Moon & Death on the Toilet, I found that somehow, somewhere along the way, the source file had disappeared. In the process of recreating it, while I was there anyway, I put it through one more rewrite. The result is entirely worth the effort. There are no funds for uploading a corrected file for the paperback at this time, meaning the ebook is the totally authorized, up to the minute, wildest, most flavorful and best version of the story available at this writing.

Finally, the generic epub of the paperback has been removed from the Market on stikmantica.com. I’m going to let ebook retailers sell ebooks, and save that bandwidth as a cache for spontaneity.

The favor of your purchase is requested.