Cover, text block and a “to do” list

On target for December 15th release date.

Some mysteries simply endure. I woke this morning to find the last task I began last night is complete. How this came about is not a matter on which I can speak. The decisions were well made. Perhaps Rumpelstiltskin.

I long cherished a thought of releasing Dvarsh, An Introduction as a hardback. Friends with experience have convinced me of the unwisdom of trying this with an untested book. A hardback edition is tabled until value is shown, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make the paperback resemble unrealized hope. Clickety-click on the image for a view close to size.

The text block is done except for an exhaustive error check, and that is on tap to start later today. I expect to take at least three days with this, and I expect to miss an embarrassing number of bloopers. Only a fool is blind to the folly of no second eyes, but I am hobbled by the applicable subsection of Catch-22: I have to produce this book in order to educate a proofreader with skills to tackle it.

At the top of this morning’s “to do” list, however, sit a couple of registrations. One is the copyright filing for the font, Dvarsh Book, the other is a Books In Print listing for the coming title. That will add another dollop of reality. This project reaches toward existence, dear ones.