Confessions of a shade tree lexicographer

Toad chilling under LED patio rays beside one of the native plant pots.

All existing Dvarsh word lists have been exhausted as sources of dictionary entries for Dvarsh, An Introduction. Currently, I am reviewing the lexicon for glaring omissions and coining specialized vocabulary to breathe life into Dvarsh culture. Most of the latter relate to realms such as art, music, performance, poetry, recreation and techne. A thought I had among others in this area was that a well-rounded language resource should include terms for expressing concepts such as “buttplug” and “tapeworm.”  Another thought was that if terms for expressing such concepts happen to markedly resemble the names of people who have messed with me, well, coincidence can be a real malefactor, babe.

My older brother once pointed out a family trait: we can avoid temptation, but we can’t resist it. It’s all or nothing.

I am a wicked, wicked man. But you knew this.