ConDFW this coming weekend

Apologies to anyone who has watched this space for updates. I’ve been thinking mightily but ineffectually about many things. My comprehensive report on all subjects active within the Stikmantic pate consists of: Still processing.

Forward movement is discernible. Rose Moon part 2 is in final draft. New illustrations grow in tiny steps as time allows. I’ve gotten a lot better on the Irish bouzouki. While the movement is real, however, it is not demonstrable. A lot better is still not very good, so don’t look for a ‘zouk debut this epicycle. None of the illustrations in progress is ready to share, although the map for the Confabule website draws close. And, while Rose Moon part 2 lurches toward publishable, it is not yet done. What have you been up to, Mr. Stikmanz? Still processing.

Rule No. 1 here at Stikmanz Intergalactic HQ, right now at least, for the duration of this post, is to suspend processing when called to serve as guest at a con. Sorry, folks. Demonstrations of our work are again delayed, as this weekend will find our full expeditionary force at ConDFW, in Dallas, Texas. Look for a Stikmanz table in the dealer room, staffed non-stop by Amanda Kimmerly and Elizabeth Renee Smythe, while I come and go as a programming participant. Sunday, Amanda and I are scheduled to present our workshop, “Inventing a Language,” based on our experience creating and elaborating Dvarsh. This is a great event, with an enviable track record of improving every single year. It would be joy to see you. Come out.

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