An appeal: please buy a postcard

Dvarsh display characters created for book and chapter titles of Dzadefve oa Charls'm.

Stikmantica really needs funding help right now, both specifically to see the book in progress, Dzadefve oa Charls’m (The Song of Worlds), into print, and more generally to keep the great Stikmantic experiment going. If there were six of me, or even two, I would attempt a Kickstarter or a GoFundMe or another of those institutionalized crowdfunding appeals, but I am only one. That singleton may enclose a host of personality fragments and subroutines, but it comes with only two eyes, two hands and a uniform perplexity about what motivates others. Let’s take my limitations as given. I need help. Rather than institutional crowdfunding—which I have never fathomed—I’m sticking to what I know and hoping those interested in Habdvarsha or its parts will look past the failings of its creator.

I have made a postcard print based on the cover design for the book. 5.5″ x 8.5″ on recycled stock, it is beauty in black, white and red. Technically, the print is merchandise for sale in the Market on the Stikmantica website. In reality, I am appealing for help to get the book into print, buy supplies and shore up faltering equipment. This print is the premium I offer in gratitude. Each one that goes out is signed by me.

I am also asking friends of this project to please dig into those pockets sooner rather than later. Momentum carries the book rapidly toward the day when cash in hand will determine its release date. The status sits at a tipping point between counting weeks and counting days. With your generous help, this impossible work, the great poem of the Dvarsh people—entirely and exclusively in their language—can go to press in under three weeks. The book that comes together is a completely unique work of art. Even if one never learns a word of Dvarsh, Dzadefve oa Charls’m is a marvel to contemplate and an object of beauty. Please help. Please buy a postcard. It comes from another world that is trying to reach you.