Study: “Waiting”

Watercolor pencil on paper, 2/8/016.

Part of the eventual plan for Nod’s Way is augmentation of the text with a set of images that will appear in some future version of the book AND in a deck of oracle cards representing esoteric traditions connected to this crucial artifact of the Dvarsh. Looming large in the matter are questions of style and technique that will embody the tone I wish to convey. The image featured here is a first stab at one possible vision for the illustrations. There are things I like about this image; however, as I worked, I began seeing a different approach that would be less time consuming—and a bit more fanciful. Next on the “to do” list is another version rendered in this other way. Somewhere in the process of the second drawing, I’ll decide which approach to pursue for the larger project. “Waiting” is, as Noddists will note, the first auspice of Nod’s Way, two new moons.

This new project fills the emptiness into which I had been tossing my doodle drawings. Not that I’ll permanently close the doodlebook! Simply, effective now, Nod drawings become the major caloric vehicle for my illustration fix. Doodles and the doodlebook become, again, a benign way of passing time when wandering feral regions away from HQ.

P. S. This weekend in Dallas,  ConDFW takes place. One of my favorite events of the convention cycle, it’s wonderful organizers invited me to join them as a panelist. Unfortunately, life complications and health issues conspired to keep me away this year, but that doesn’t have to affect you! Get yourself to the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre for an amazing weekend! Tell them Robert sent you.