Moon in June

The truth is, I may never find a comfortable posture with this blog. My notion to use this space for thoughtful essays has led me deep into three different topics, with a couple thousand words on each but with not one of them close to closure. Longest simmering is a personally difficult meditation on memory that proceeded with gusto as long as I wrote of kinfolk and other humans. Other tasks suddenly became important once I turned the light on myself.

My resolve to push forward into the heart of darkness grows stronger, but in the meantime I have worked most actively on a follow on to my essay, “Butterflies, birds, online dating and transcendental ignorance,” prompted by a kind gift and comment from my cousin Carla Maywald. Not yet complete, “Letter to Carla” is an attempt to give shape to the unspoken subtext of that earlier piece, or elaborate half-stated ideas more fully, or repeat myself at length, or all three. Bets are safe that this piece will be first of those in progress to show up here.

Pondering Neanderthal/Sapiental interaction through consideration of the social circumstances of free people of color in antebellum Louisiana is fun enough that I have continued to snatch blocks of time and notebook to work on a draft even as I have tried to keep all the other pieces of essential conceptual machinery in motion. If writing essays must assume lower priority than administrative tasks, working on fiction, trying to resolve production of the 3000 Weeks e-book, and earning my food and shelter, it remains an activity valuable—even critical—as a technique for grappling with weighty subjects. Further!

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