Dvarsh font advance

A book weight specimen of the Dvarsh font under development by the Reperiolinguistics Division of Stikmanz Intergalactic HQ.

This evening saw completion of the initial image set in book weight of the twenty-two core glyphs of the Dvarsh writing system. Each of the twenty-two represents simultaneously a consonant, a word, and a root. I finished the initial image set of the bold weight some time ago, and have been using it for new renderings in the language. I was distracted from developing the book weight for far too long, which is being remedied now. Tonight I finished the final consonants. Next come the vowels, which have not yet come clearly to mind, but that is what sleep and another day promise. After vowels are numerals and punctuation and all the necessary symbols for an idiosyncratically literate civilization emerging into typographic being. Tomorrow, perhaps I’ll see where to begin with the vowels. Tonight I am satisfied with the core twenty-two. Click on the image for a full view.