Doodlage, 07/07/015

Walking the doodler's path on summer evenings.

Finally, this evening I managed to conclude another draft of the story in progress. It is not yet ready to show other eyes, so must remain sub rosa through at least one more revision. Instead, I’ve taken a deep breath, given myself a pat on the back for persistence, and scanned this doodle that, earlier today, reached done enough to be cut from the doodle book.

In other news, development of the Dvarsh typeface progresses, with the Bold font very close to a test rendering. Five out of fifty-eight glyphs require tweaks, which is not bad. As soon as I have one working font in hand, I can start on the dictionary, even as I continue working on the Book weight of the typeface. Simultaneously, I need to polish the chuff from the short story, and get it circulating.