A Band of Thrm’m

Close up low down little things noted.

While collecting audio sources for a project associated with the New Media Art and Sound Summit (NMASS) 2016, composer Laura Brackney asked if I had ever attempted to create thrm sounds. I had not, but I was thrilled that she asked, both because I admire Laura and her work, and because—can you believe it?—she knows about thrm’m. If you are not familiar with Laura as a composer and instrumentalist, you should change that. She is prolific, talented and engaging, which means you will have opportunity. The piece Laura conceived for NMASS was a traveling, shifting installation involving an assembly of bicyclists I was unable to join, so I have no idea if she used my recording. Whether she did or not, it was Ms. Brackney who got me thinking about what non-linguistic, birdy-singing little people might sound like as they move through the landscape. The blame is all mine for failings of concept and execution, but thanks go to her for the impulse to try.

“A Band of Thrm’m” imagines an extended family group of tiny empaths vocalizing as they forage.