3000 Weeks: It looks like three

Robert Stikmanz takes a break from ceasing to practice two songs.

It looks like I’ll attempt to perform three songs in Dvarsh at the 3000 Weeks live event on January 26th. This is the celebration and performance hosted by Confabule at Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze scheduled for that night as the live, in-person aspect of the 3000 Weeks project. I have been trying to work up five songs to contribute, which is the total of all songs extant in the unspoken Dvarsh tongue as of this moment. These things change from hour to hour. I’ve been yodeling to the most recent tune I’ve teased from strings, but a sudden burst of lyric writing could draw that air into the Dvarsh canon. If that happens, however, the chance remains imperceptibly small that I’ll add the new song to my January 26th set, largely because of the lack of time between now and then to grind out the worst imperfections. I am unlikely to attempt to work up a late addition in no small part because, of the songs I have been practicing for the 26th, a sober look with critical eye reveals unmistakeably that two of them are not yet ready to send into the world. They have still to gel into stable, performable pieces. As a result, practice has contracted to the three songs that work best as songs, first and foremost—assuming I do not fool myself about the merits of these untutored efforts.

Amanda Kimmerly and I were recently on KOOP community radio, talking about 3000 Weeks and other subjects on the weekly interview show, Writing on the Air, with host François Pointeau and fellow guest Michael Casares. If you missed the program and would like to hear the conversation, a link to the podcast can be found on this page.

Maybe two. Maybe I should play only two songs, and let the program get on with more substantial talents. There is still time enough to abandon another, or not.

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