3000 Weeks Funded!!

3000 Weeks meets funding goal!

3000 Weeks reached its funding goal on December 31, 2012! I am incredibly grateful to each and every contributor to this achievement, and even more so to Amanda Kimmerly, who worked hard and long to make our fundraising effort a success. Despite the onerous workload that is her part in preparing the grand unveiling on the Confabule website on January 24th, Amanda managed to pop her head above the surface long enough to give proper thanks to our supporters. Although I have not been idle, I have not done so well at acknowledging the generosity from which we benefit. Permit me to pause now and say to each and every contributor, thank you, to each and every participating artist, thank you, and to all our many well-wishers, thank you.

We roll onward. Ms. Kimmerly busily carves contributor pages from electronic wilderness. I’m beginning to organize my associations with each artist and trying to learn my set for our January 26th live event. Recently, I collected video of poets Michael Gilmore and Francois Pointeau reading their poetry, and this, too, will transform into artifacts for this celebration of mind, imagination and influences. I have gotten permission from Teresa Sánchez to reprint a poem by her late husband and my late good friend, Ricardo Sánchez. High school pal David Hargraves was in town just this past weekend, during which he confirmed his enthusiasm for the project and belatedly supplied recordings of a couple of his songs. The project continues to evolve even as we labor to bring it to its public. There are moments when the whole enterprise feels crazy, but that is okay, because every minute it feels like a dedicatory act to the storied troika of beauty, truth and art.

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