3000 Weeks continues

A trove of expression went public on the Confabule website this past Thursday, as Amanda Kimmerly revealed the fruits of her mighty labors of recent months. Amanda is directly responsible for the 3000 Weeks showcase, as she has kept a multitude of shifting parts moving in synchronization since we began this project.  Without Amanda, there simply would be nothing with the scope and beauty she has assembled.

Two other people who have contributed hugely to the successful realization of this dream are Paul Elard Cooley and Thomas Fang. Confabule’s entire web presence exists in a stable form because Paul Cooley put in hours making sure it would exist and that it would be stable. He twice traveled to Austin from his home in The Woodlands to provide hands on intervention when that was needed to move us forward. Even last night, as people gathered in Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze for our live event, Paul went under the hood of my computer to make it possible to show planned videos.

Like Paul, Thomas Fang has risen to help whenever I have called upon him, and it has been often. As a sounding board and a source of wise advice, he has contributed from the earliest moments of the project, when all I could articulate was “a party with weird electronic music, telepathic poets and lots of guacamole.” Thomas was the patient videographer for our fundraising appeal, and the center around whom our schedule of performers came together. During our event last night, he smoothed out unanticipated wrinkles capably and quietly.

The debt of gratitude I owe Amanda, Paul and Thomas is incalculable. From the moment Amanda’s showcase appeared on Confabule, I have been having a blast. I wanted a mechanism for letting the influences of my life know that they matter to me, that they matter hugely and that when they create, I am paying attention. 3000 Weeks is doing that, and it is able to do that because of Amanda and Paul and Thomas.

Other people also gave of themselves to make sure this peculiar ornithopterian contraption would fly. Elizabeth Renee Smythe has aided and abetted and kept enthusiasm high, and done so daily. Alycia Christine Sears swooped into town to staff Confabule’s sales table last night. Kevin Harrison provided legal services and advice. Every one of our participating authors and artists contributed a treasure of the imagination. Everyone who came out to Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze last night contributed to the festive ambiance.

One intention behind 3000 Weeks is to establish points of contact between¬† creators that I encounter in different spheres. In this I am ready to declare a measure of success. Enormously gratifying last night was to witness the enthusiasm several writer friends had for the performances we heard. Maybe now when I assert that performers like Thomas Fang and Jill Kieschnick, Martin McCreadie, Henna Chou and Gregory Elliott are brilliant and wonderful, I’ll be believed.

3000 Weeks continues. I spent a chunk of the day today mounting the original of my 3000 Weeks illustration, and preparing to cut a mat tomorrow so that I can deliver it to its new owner. Amanda and I have a few weeks to get the e-book catalog and anthology of the project assembled and released. I have personalized e-books of my novels still to send to each of our financial supporters. And, I think we’re going to continue this as a living project, adding video and who knows what else over the ninety days of its planned exposure. It is certainly worthy of continuing upgrade. As my good friend and 3000 Weeks contributor Karen Pittman said to me last night, “You know some pretty awesome people.”

At some point, I’ll have to do something about the missing guacamole.

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