3000 + 52

The count stood at 3000 + 52 as I first drafted this, an approximate year since the particular Thursday that inspired the 3000 Weeks project. With one commitment not yet fulfilled, an update is in order. I offer here what we may hope is the only ever 3000 Weeks annual report.

First of all, Thursdays keep happening. I am happy about this, and happy to share them with you. Who knows what potent numbers lurk ahead in the count?

Second, the 3000 Weeks e-book approaches completion. It continues to undergo redesign as I learn the production process, mostly simplification to make problems soluble within the bounds of my understanding. Most of these kinks have been worked out. Most.

The publication is in two parts: (1) an anthology of works from the 3000 Weeks project selected and edited by Amanda Kimmerly, and (2) a catalog of all authors and artists who participated in the project, with biographies and my comment on each. Remaining production hurdles have to do with making images behave the way I want them to behave in relation to their anchoring texts. Though some hours of work remain, an end is in sight.

The fruit of this labor will be an epub file, which is the kind of file used by very nearly every e-reader except the Kindle. Successful production of a credible epub will be the trigger for announcing a publication date. As soon as the epub is put to bed, I’ll start figuring out what I need to do to generate a mobi file for Kindle. Once you Kindle readers have your version of the e-book as a keepsake, I’ll declare the 3000 Weeks project closed, and turn my attention back to the world of Habdvarsha.

The e-book will be available for purchase and download from the Confabule website, but I have no plans to promote it as a commercial title. My intention has always been to produce the anthology & catalog as a summary of the project for participants and supporters. That is still the aim. Just how quickly this dangling thread can be tied up depends to some extent on chance. Permit me to cautiously venture that no more than a few weekends stand between now and completion.

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