18th March 2013

The Dvarsh Bold character set is complete

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Complete character set of Dvarsh Bold, a font for the Dvarsh writing system created by Robert Stikmanz.
Copyright 2013 by Robert Stikmanz.

I have completed the character set of Dvarsh Bold, the first font for the Dvarsh writing system. The character set is presented here (in red), including six mathematical symbols that will not be part of the initial release. Click the image for a larger view. What remains to be done? Much. Each of these glyphs must be imported individually into a font-making application and assigned a place on the keyboard, and a keyboard layout must be produced to guide use. Once I reach that point, I’ll be looking for beta-testers, folks to type up some Dvarsh in order to provide a working sense of how the characters set in combinations, and what tweaks may be necessary before final release.

One notable departure from the original calligraphic form of Dvarsh writing is that Dvarsh Bold is designed in reference to a single baseline. The original glyphs reference three. The design also indicates a looser set, or placement, in combination than the original glyphs.

Once Dvarsh Bold has been squared away, the regular text weight, Dvarsh Book, has still to be created. Since there are no capitals in Dvarsh, I’m weighing an eventual release that assigns Dvarsh Book to the lower case and Dvarsh Bold to uppercase in a single font. I’d love to hear comment on this idea from prospective users. Also, it is not too early to express interest in joining the team as a tester.

Now that character design has been (98%) accomplished, my hope is the technical steps between here and tapping keys to make Dvarsh text appear will go quickly. I hope this not least because I need to use the tool. Across these silences, I am working to bring a new edition of Nod’s Way into being, and this version of the oracle demands greater Dvarsh presence within its pages. More news on that development in the future. As I study this group of characters, I begin to see how Dvarsh Book hides within them. Excuse me, please, while I return to my previously interrupted sketchbook already in progress.

P.S. My plan for Dvarsh Bold, and any other font I create for the Dvarsh language, to produce a release free for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license. This is a tool for all of you who have responded with such enthusiasm to this project.

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